Meet the BlockChain Poland project

Below you will find detailed information about the project.

Welcome to Blockchain Poland

Here you will find information about the projects underway, current partnership initiatives, our activities supporting the development of innovation in Poland and possible forms of cooperation with us.

What do we do?

We are a company that carries out innovative projects using elements of blockchain technology. We implement new system solutions, design process improvements and applications. We strive to ensure that their users can enjoy faster access and greater convenience of using their favorite services and products.


We believe that the best results are achieved through mutual motivation and constant passion for the job. If you want to know how we started, where we are looking for our daily motivation and where we are going, visit us in social media and get to know better!

Our projects


BCP platform - a place where dreams are turned into reality - renewable energy sources
Store & warehouse

During the implementation

Leasecoin - a new dimension of leasing

Vetchain - platform for small and large animals

Our Partners


  • First Project

    Launch of the first BCP project (

  • Whitepaper's Update

  • New Website

  • Start of the BCP Incubator

  • Start of the BCP Utility/Security exchange

  • Implementation of the voting system on the platform

  • Own Exchange or Kantor (Security Token users Voting)

  • Implementation of the Leascoin or Vetchain Project (Security Token users Voting)

  • The start of your own Blockchain

  • Voting on the implementation of further projects


Get to know the technical documentation and economic model of our platform